About the Mangrove Bistro and Grill

Welcome to Mangrove Indian Bistro & Grill, Mansfield’s newest and most innovative Indian Restaurant. The style, dÈcor, and and ambience of our restaurant is like no other in the the area, providing the perfect setting to meet and relax with friends or business colleagues for Coffee, Lunch or Diner.

We are not new players in this market; on the contrary our roots are firmly anchored with the former Monsoon Restaurant and the much revered Banyan Tree at Redhill Nottingham. Mangrove Indian Bistro & Grill is a product of intelligent re-branding and relocation of Monsoon Restaurant from Midworth Street.

Our Bistro & Grill concept is a stylish twist on the classic Indian restaurant, and boldly sets out to combine popular Indian curries alongside fusion grilled steaks, chicken and fish. Essentially steaks are not an Indian thing, but cross fertilization of cuisine especially in cities with a more Asian demographic, is a growing trend and we hope that you will appreciate the tantalizing flavours on offer.